environmental work

One of the main reasons Skogsfesten exists is that we want to show just how environmentally Ok a festival can actually be. The largest part of our work is in analysing our work to see where we were worst, how we can improve, and how we can do it in the most fun way possible; because it should be fun and kind for both the environment and other creatures.



Food and drinks:

All the food we serve is vegan. Sometimes there are vegetarian alternatives. We get a large amount of ingredients from big cash and carry companies and shops, instead of it being thrown out. All the food is exclusively organic and vegan. All the drinks are also organic and vegan. For cooking and hot water we’ve built a rocket-oven cooker made from an old bath tub and pieces of cast iron.


Self sufficiency / energy:

Our great sorrow during the first years were the fossil fuel generators that we needed for stage, sound and lights, lighting the surroundings, and some kitchen equipment; they undid all the good work we did in all other areas, as it were. It left a sour taste in the mouth, but we couldn’t find a different solution back then. But we’re learning.
In the last few years we have made great strides on that front, we’ve acquired a good 3kw of solar panels got  hold of 2tons of batteries, and a great load of transformers from scrapped computer servers around the country.
We’ve even been able to borrow a generator that runs on fossil free HVO biodiesel and in 2016 we reached our goal of the whole festival being run fossil free. In 2016 we even experimented with a fresnel lens from a rear projection TV to boil water to boil water for cooking. We managed a dash of coffee.

Buildings and materials:

We try to build everything using waste or thrown away materials. We are tearing down a storage building or warehouse in Mellerud to make use of the timber, corrugated metal and sheets of insulation which would otherwise have gone to the tip/landfill. Whoopee! What wonderful material we got! We’ve even got fantastic wood from Billingsfors’ closed down saw-mill.
Over the years we’ve made a good number of trips to almedals textile factory in Kinna, near Borås, and have made everything from hammocks, ropes and  signs, to temporary Walls from the material.



We also work all year round to expand our fleet of electric vehicles, the car on the left we got free and repaired it, the one on he right is a lovely little Finnish-Japanese electric van from 1999 which we bought cheaply and try to chock into life again. We’ve also started to convert the festival’s old VW pickup to electric power. Over and above this, we borrow and rent a number of electric cars for our trips to and from Gothenburg. It’s clever, stylish and fun.
We’ve scraped together a whole load of refurbished bicycles for festival visitors to borrow for travelling between the festival area, bus stop, parking, and bathing area.


Ideas we have put on the back burner and in some cases given up on:

Producing biogas from the biological waste and latrines to power the kitchen’s cookers. We did a trip to a sewage works in Gothenburg where we were given 2tubs of rotted matter/slurry as a taster. Yummy!

Running solar transformers from the electric car’s batttries to power the stage.

Building a bicycle bus for 4 or more people

Building bicycle powered mobile phone chargers