It's time again! Skogsfesten nr. 9 will take Place between Thursday afternoon 31st of May until Saturday night 2nd of June. We welcome you to come along into the Woods with us to experience this years festival - among leaves, pine needles and other fuel-efficient pleasures.

We’re selling the tickets in two stages this year, we start celebrating by selling a number of early bird tickets for 320 sek. When these are sold out the rest of the tickets will be sold at the ordinary price of 470 sek. The price includes festival pass for the whole festival and camping. We will also release Saturday tickets for 250: - this year, if you can only come on the Saturday. Rättbuss-tickets to the festival will also be available soon (our amazing transport-partner). 

This year there are 400 tickets available in total.
Age limit: 18 years old, or accompanied by an adult. Children under the age of 12 have free entrance.

  • Sold out! Early bird (limited amount) Festival pass: 320 sek.

  • Ordinary price for Festival pass: 470 sek.

  • Saturday pass: 250 sek.

    Buy your ticket by clicking on the button below. If you want to participate in the work of the festival and help before and / or during the festival you can register as a volunteer! Then choose the other button

Bustickets for Rättbuss

You can go with our transport partner Rättbuss from Stockholm or Göteborg right into the festival area. Their new bus will give you the most glittery, flowery and lovely travel experience! Read more at
Tickets can be bought through the link "buy ticket" above.

  • From Stockholm and back again - 550:-
  • From Göteborg and back again - 290:-

14.30 from Stockholm Cityterminalen
20.00 arrival at Skogsfesten

17.00 from Göteborg, Gullbergs strandgata 6
19.00 arrival at Skogsfesten

11.30 from Skogsfesten >>> GBG
13.45 arrival in Göteborg, Gullbergs strandgata 6

16.30 from Skogsfesten >>> STHLM
23.00 arrival at Stockholm Cityterminalen