Dance Remainings (performance + workshop)

Dance Remainings is a collaboration between Sebastian Ruiz Bartilson and Jonny Berg, based in Göteborg, founded in 2017. They are developing dance and performance material for stage and site-specific work, collaborating interdisciplinarily as well as offering workshops and community based projects.

“We recently started a project, researching on body and movement on site with the possibilities that rope, thread and/or net can give us as a metaphor for finding new ways of relating to space/nature, objects and other humans. Seeking for ways of relating to each other, the rope is an element of holding into a concrete task. The research is about composing and sculpturing a textile spatiality. This means the fiber structure serving as a device for functional actions related to two bodies and the space. Generating a “growing organism” that stays immanent in the room.”

Thursday 22.15-22.45 (Gläntan)
Friday 22.15-22.45 (Gläntan)

Friday 10.00 - 12.00 (Gläntan)

Dance Remainings