Erik Lagerwall

Älska Skenet

The artist Erik Lagerwall's music project was originally a sculpture. It represented Erik with a photocopy of a smiling 5000 year old bust clenched over his face. The sculpture had its hands in a light bell that threw a shadow image on a wall. One year later, the sculpture had moved out to become 13 mp3 files. The album called "Älska Skenet" is a story that repeatedly loses itself in its own longing and is mixed with double lo-fi pop and samples from different dance floors, movies and sloping streets.
This summer, a new EP is released, which has now slipped away even more and has now turned into the art-pop band Älska Skenet. The new EP is new wave-scented with rhythms of looped guitars, synthesizers and drum machines that bounce into and out of dub-echoes.
At Skogsfesten, Älska Skenet consists of Erik Lagerwall on song, sampler, drummer and effects, Martin Fridén on drums and Lovisa Olsson on song.

Link to the album ”Älska skenet”:

Link to the music video ”Bakom nästa hörn” created by Tuva björk: