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find us, eat, drink and bathe

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We open the gates on Thursday 30th may 2019. Arrive when you want, the first band plays on friday afternoon, but there will be a lots of great things happening on Thursday as well. Skogsfesten is set a little into the forest at Lästviks Säteri in Dalsland, along road nr. 172 between Billingsfors and Bäckefors. Cordinates are found here. We think you should walk, take your bike or go with the public transport. If you go with a car you should share your seats, there is a group in the Skjutsgruppen app to coordinate your trip so that each seat is filled! You will find the group if you search for Skogsfeste in the app or click here (works only on iOS and android). When a ride is planned, it should appear below.

The nearest bus stop is called "Lästviks säteri", where you can go with Västtrafik. Our eminent bus partner Rättbuss will also drive to the festival from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

We will drive shuttles to pick up your supplies (and you if we have room for it) as often as we can from Lästvik Säteri. From here it is a 30 minute beautiful walk to the festival area. At Lästvik you will also find the parking if you are arriving by car. Parking fee (100 SEK per day, 200 SEK for the whole weekend) is paid in the information booth when you arrive and pick up your festival tickets. The money goes to our farmer friend who helps us with a lot of things. No cars can drive up to the festival area, you can't turn or meet very good and the few places we have are reserved for artists, organizers and those who have a need that demands a car. If you have small children, have functional cariations or for some reason want to make sure you can get lift, just send us a mail a few days before so we can fix this for you!

There is a camping area set aside, but you can also put your tent up where you like. There’s also a calm camping area in a small garden a fem minute walk away from the festival area - perfect for you who bring children or if you would just like some peace and quiet (kids from 12 years and younger get in to the festival for free!). There is also an outdoor WC in close connection to this area of course. If you're planning to come with your camper van, send us a mail and let us know a few days in advance so we can plan for it. This also costs 100 SEK for the whole weekend, but you will be able to park closer to the festival area itself. However, the number of places for camper vans are very limited, so let us know in time if you want to be sure of getting a spot.

Skogsfesten takes place at an old farm in the middle of a forest and, unfortunately, we've got limited availability. We are constantly working to make the area more enjoyable for everyone, and of course it also includes accessibility. If you have any questions or tips regarding avaliability, please feel free to contact us at info@skogsfesten.se.

We cook food from mostly food waste and serve in cans that you can pick up for a little fee when you come to the festival and return when you go home, then you also get the money back. The price for food is not quite certain but you will be satisfied and happy for a small amount of money. In Klanthandeln (our kiosk / bar) you can buy snacks and good drinks such as folk beer, kombucha and bubbling bubble drinks. Everything is sold in glass bottles with cork that you have to pay a fee for and then can use the whole festival if you want and then return and get the money back. If you want to cook your own food there is a dedicated cooking area that you can use.

Bathing is down by the lake a little walk from the festival area. Remember that soap, shampoo and shower cream are not always so nice to the water and the animals that live there, so choose something that is nice and made from natural resources!