During the year we work to spread the knowledge we've gained during the years we have been organising Skogsfesten, we want to spread it both within and ourside our own organisation. A proven way to do this is with study groups, which we now do in collaboration with Studiefrämjandet, and we welcome all who are interested.
To get in touch with us about our study groups, send us a mail at No previous experience is necessary, we're smarter together! Most of the study groups happen in Gothenburg.


Active study groups right now:

  • Stage technician - everything from winding cables to programming lights.

  • Carpentry and Construction - everything from tool care to sustainability.

  • Sustainable economy - Focusing on creative culture production.

  • Electronic repairs/maintainance - Fix broken stage-tech or your own solar charger.

  • Electricity and Batteries - How we can capture the sun’s energy efficiently.

  • Event management - how to produce a gender-balanced, fair, and ecologically sustainable cultural festival.